Tom cruise’s Glasses in Movies

Every body  knows  Tom cruise  he is  one of  biggest  movie star  in holly wood  he wears wide variety of  glasses  in  his  movies  which will attract  so many  people

here few  glasses  he worn in movies

1.Oakley Wind Jacket- M- I- Ghost protocol

In  the movie  Mission impossible Ghost tom cruise  wear Oakley wind Jacket

this scene was shoot  in  dubai  on burj khalifa

2. Persol 2978- Mission impossible  Ghost Protocol

in the same movie he worn   Persol Sunglasses which give stylish  look , In this  movie both  Tom cruise and  Jeremy  renner  worn  persol glasses 

3. Ray ban 3025 – knight and day

Tom cruise  worn  Ray Ban aviator glasses in the  movie Knight and Day  in a fight scene


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knight and day sunglasses

4. Persol 2931 sun glasses – knight and Day

In Knight  and Day movie tom cruise wear   persol sunglasses which looks really cool on him

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5. Oakley romeo – Mission Impossible II

First scene in mission impossible  II where  ethan hunt  gets  message   through glasses  ,   those are  Oakley Glasses

Oakley romeo

oakley romeo sunglasses