Tom cruise’s sunglasses

Tom cruise’s sunglasses

Tom cruise is  one of the biggest hollywood  ,he wear stylish glasses in  movie  and in public event , do  you like  to know about  the sunglasses he worn  in movies and tv series  and events.

  1. American Made –  RE Aviator

In the  movie American  made (2017) tom cruise wears  a pair of RE aviator , you can see it  on  this picture  you can  also see  clearly  on movie

american made tom cruise wearing RE Aviator

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2.  L G R Tangeri –>Mission: Impossible v- Rogue Nation

in the movie  Mission  impossible rogue nation (2015) tom cruise   wears  L G R Tangeri  in one scene .

L.G.R. Tangeri ,  mission  impossible -rogue nation

3. L G R . comoros  in Mission Impossible  5 -Rogue nation

tom cruise  wears  LGR Comoros -Mission Impossible  -Rogue nation

4.RE Aviator – Oblivion

tom cruise  wars R E Aviator  in one scene where  he met his wife in flash back


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