Suitable Glasses for Your Face

Do you know what  is  your face shape and , what  type of  glasses are suitable for  your face ?

Before going to buy  glasses you should  know about  your face  shape and what  glasses are suitable for  you

Heart shape Face

If you observe  people  who have heart shape faces , they have  wide fore head, wide cheek bones and  narrow chin,

  • . look for square or rectangle shaped  glasses ,
  • narrow rimless  frames
  • your glasses  should  draw attention from  your  forehead
  • choose glasses  slightly wider than  your face  like   Jennifer Aniston

it look great on  wide faces

Oval shape face

Oval shaped face  people have narrow  head and  narrow chin

those  who have  oval  shape  face  they can wear  any glasses  , it  looks  good  on them  , wide  frames  looks  great  on them

Round shape

round face  people their  face  width and length have same  proportion , full cheeks  and round chin

  • By choosing contract  glasses  your face  looks  wide and  thin
  • go for  cat style frame  glasses
  • avoid narrow round glasses
  • select strong detailing  on  frames

kendall jenner’s face is  perfect round  shape , she wear  perfect round  glasses and  contrast glasses  looks  good on her


oblong face shape is longer than wide , and long  cheek line  and they have long nose

for them  over sized  wide  square glasses are  good for  them  , or  round shaped  glasses are also  good


Square shaped

square shaped faces , those who have  square shaped face , their  jawline is strong and  their forehead  is  wide  and they have flat square  chin

for  those  faces round and circle shaped glasses are  good on them  , avoid square  frames