Know these things before you buying glasses

1. Know  Your face Shape ?

Do  you know  your face  shape  of   you just  go  there  and  choose  the glasses  by color

Choosing  right glasses  and right frames  makes  you look attractive

normally face shapes are  measure  by their  looks,  how  their  face shape  looks

there are  6 shapes

  1. Heart
  2. oval
  3. oblong
  4. Round
  5. Diamond
  6. Square
  • Heart – choose oval or square shaped  frames with round edge 
  • Oval- they are very  lucky any type of frames are suitable for  this face
  • Oblong- chose  tall and broad frames good 
  • Round- choose angular frame  glasses
  • Diamond-choose  semi- rim less frames or  frames with  detailing on brow line
  • Square- chose  round and  oval  shape frames glasses  ,looks   on  this  person 

2.When you choose  glasses make sure  pupils  are in  center

pupils  in centre

3. Buy those glasses   which are  perfect fit to  your  eyes

after wearing  glasses  you  might feel some are big , some are wide and some are  not adjustable  ,

-looks  for  those   frames   which have  decorative details  on frames  which  give  sense of width

-choose  those glasses which  give think and  prominent bridge over the  nose , which draw  the attention and  makes  both eyes  are closer together

4. Comfort on nose and head space  and  also  to ears

choose  those  glasses  which  give  comfort  on nose and  to  your  head spaces

if  you ignore to  see comfortable  you  might  get  pains  and  also you get  marks  on  your  nose and  ears