History of Glasses

Normally every one like to wear glasses does any one knows the history of eye wear ?, Glasses  is also  call as spectacles and eye Glasses .

No one knows the exact year glasses were invented but they get public in 12th century ,mostly they  used for  vision correction and reading  small words

Glasses are  not popular  until 1930’s  From  1970’s  Government recognized its   demand and  they encouraged  it to manufacture  in large scale.

Now every big city had a few eye glasses shop ,  people  like to  buy them some  wearing it for   perfect vision , some wearing it from protecting  eyes from sunlight, some wearing it for  stylish look .

All movie celebrities has a set of  eyeglasses , and they normally  change  their  look  in every movie.

Types of Glassses

1.corrective lens glasses

corrective lens are  used to correct reflective errors , they  have vision problem with this lens they can able to see object or read  letters words properly, to get these lens one should consult a good eye specialist.

2.Safety glases

safetly glasses protect  your eyes mostly people those who work in lab or in construction site or those who ride bikes, or surgeons and dentists it protect they eyes from infection from patients .

3. Sun glasses

Sunglasses are mostly used to protect  eyes from UV light ,Uv rays  will effect  our  vision and causes  damage.

4.3D glasses

glasses  used to see  3d object or  3d movies  it  creates an illusion and  makes a realistic experience.