charlize tom ford sunglasses

Charlize Theron glasses in Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron glasses in Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is a wonderful Hollywood  actress  she  can fit  in any  kind  of  role, romantic  , glamorous , cunning and also  bad ass girl characters.

you can see her  in  action

recently her  films  Atomic bomb and  The Face of Furious ,( 8th film  in  fast and furious ), she looks so styish in these  films

lets  go to  our  main  topic , which  is about  her  glasses in the  movie

Atomic Blonde (2017) was released  in  the  month of   july , in this  movie she  played MI6 Field agent ,

Saint Laurent SL 93

she worn saint lauren sl 93  glasses  in Atomic  she looks great

charlize Saint Laurent SL 93

Saint Laurent SL 93, atomic blonde

there are wide variety  of  glasses  in  saint laurent  ,   you can  choose  them here  – Saint Laurent SL 93


Tom ford

she worn  another stylish  looking  glasses  in  the  same  movie  her glasses are simmilar to  tom  ford glasses

charlize tom ford sunglasses

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